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Make your own custom art with our menu of guided creative experiences at Harmony Arts Cafe:


Tie-dyed T-shirts and marbled caps at Harmony Arts Cafe in Brattleboro, Vermont
Making your own tie-dyed shirts is easy and fun at Harmony Arts Cafe! Why pay $30 or more for a high-quality shirt, when you can learn to make your own for as low as $12.50 a piece? They make great gifts!

Tie-Dye: Create a tie-dye using procion dyes. Students learn to fold and tie fabric to form a variety of designs and dyed effects. All dyed items are machine washable and dryable. Finished products may be picked up two days after applying the dye, or creations can be shipped.

Price includes original item, dye, and instruction and guidance during the creative process. Listings below include the estimated time it should take you to complete the project. Contact us to book a session!

T-shirts (100% cotton) 15 Minutes per shirt

$18 ea. 2/$30 50/$175 100/$350

Napkins 20″x20″ (Cotton) 10 minutes per napkin

$4 ea. 20/$6 50/$175 100/$350

Peace Sign Tie-Dyed Fabric
What will you do with a giant piece of fabric to tie dye? Pretty much anything you want! Let Paula Lavender teach you how to get a “peace” of the action!

Quilting Fabric (100% cotton) 10 minutes per patch

10″ Square: $1.25 each 12/$12

1/4 Yard $5 each 12/$55

Yard $20

Also Inquire About:

Silk Velvet Scarves 9″ x 54″ (82% Rayon 18% Silk) 10 Minutes

$18 each 2/$30 10/$125

Silk Velvet Yardage (82% Rayon 18% Silk)


There are a world of art classes happening at Harmony Arts Cafe in Brattleboro, Vermont!

Contact Paula Lavender today to learn more!